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Sydney Leathers Speaks: Anthony Weiner Got Jealous, Needs Help

Stop lying, embarrassing his wife and get help.” That’s the advice 23-year-old Sydney Leathers would like to give to her ex-sexter Anthony Weiner, she told Inside Edition in her first interview since the pair’s at-home porno chats and pictures went public. (Leathers was paid by the show to “license photos,” an old television trick to land an exclusive sit-down.) The self-described “total political junky, nerd” said that while she may not have loved Weiner, in hindsight, they did use the l-word and she “definitely cared about him.” Now she’s sorry for hurting Huma and believes Weiner should drop out of the mayor’s race.

When I saw House of Cards, I think it gave me a little bit of a panic attack, honestly … I see Anthony as Frank Underwood, and myself as a Zoe,” said Leathers, the Kate Mara to Weiner’s Kevin Spacey (minus the high-profile jobs for each and, you know, the actual sex). Weiner described himself as “an argumentative, perpetually horny middle-aged man” in their Facebook and Formspring correspondence, she said, but even at the time, she thought his Carlos Danger nom de plume was “ridiculous” and “very silly.”

Also ridiculously silly: Weiner allegedly getting mad at this woman, one of many, whom he’d never met in person. “Me being hit on by other men really upset him,” said Leathers. “We were Facebook friends, so he could see if men were commenting on photos of me, or telling me that I was pretty. Really minor things like that really bothered him.” Teenagers everywhere know the feeling.

Sydney Leathers to Anthony Weiner: Get Help