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Did the New York Post Confront Weiner in a ‘Carlos Danger’ Costume?

Image via @epngo. Photo: @epngo/Twitter

The past few weeks in New York politics have been unreasonably entertaining, but we fear the Weinergate revival, topped by the introduction of the moniker “Carlos Danger” might have sent the New York Post over the edge. Yesterday a man in a Zorro costume confronted Weiner and declared in a fake Spanish accent, “Señor Weiner, why did you steal my name? I am Carlos.” The incident didn’t get much play, as New York has plenty of costumed weirdos roaming the streets, but now the New York Observer reports that the man behind the mask is Post reporter Reuven Fenton. It appears the tabloid is no longer satisfied by taunting, pun-ridden headlines, and is taking its Weiner obsession to the next level.

Four people identified Fenton to the Observer, and the paper notes his Facebook profile photo “shows a resemblance.” The photographic evidence isn’t totally convincing, but the Washington Post has another incriminating tidbit. “Standing next to a New York Post photographer was a man dressed in a Zorro costume,” the paper reported yesterday. “The photographer deflected queries, saying the man was not doing interviews.” Fenton hasn’t covered Weiner recently, but in 2011, one of the candidate’s sexting partners accused him of misrepresenting himself and marketing their casual conversation as a Post exclusive.

It’s unclear what all this means, but if we were Eliot Spitzer, we’d be very worried about encountering a guy in a Cupid outfit declaring that he’s the one true “Love Gov.”

Here’s video of “Carlos Danger” in action:

Is the New York Post Cosplaying ‘Carlos Danger’?