oh the irony

UC Davis’s Pepper-Spray Cop Wants a Worker’s Comp Payout

Pepper spraying a bunch of seated student protesters might turn out to be one of the best career decisions John Pike ever made, despite the fact that the former University of California at Davis police lieutenant lost his job over it. Pike is now seeking worker’s compensation benefits from the university, for psychiatric injury. If the State Department of Industrial Relations awards him disability benefits, “it will cover income, health and other benefits until he turns 65,” the Davis Enterprise reports. Pike, who made $121,680 a year with the university, was 39 when his employment with Davis ended last year. He received some pretty terrible messages when his name became public, such as one instructing him to “take out your rage on something else, like killing yourself,” according to The Enterprise. And for stuff like that, the Internet’s favorite hate-meme just might get set up for life.

UCD Pepper-Spray Cop Wants Worker’s Comp Payout