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This Is What It Looks Like to Meditate Outside Goldman Sachs


Last week, we brought you snippets of an interview with Max Zahn, an Oberlin College grad and Brooklyn-based writer who has been staging a protest-meditation outside Goldman Sachs’s headquarters. Zahn was having trouble concentrating, what with all the street noise and gawking passersby. And though he’d hoped his “Begin Anew With Compassion” sign would inspire some M&A bankers to have moral epiphanies, mostly he’d bonded with the security guards.

But from the looks of a two-minute video Zahn posted online today, he’s getting something out of his project.

What’s special here is that we’re treating Goldman Sachs bankers and employees in the way we’d treat our dearest loved ones: with compassion and empathy,” Zahn says. “We’re saying that Goldman Sachs bankers are people, too, and should be treated as such … But they also need to be stopped, and immediately stopped, from harming the world on a large scale.”

Zahn’s gotten up to five participants in his meditation, which is now in its fourth week. But the more the merrier. What’s stopping you, Goldmanites? Your boss is in the Hamptons, anyway. Go down and lend Max your consciousness for a few minutes. He just wants to help you discover the real you.

Video: Meditating Outside Goldman Sachs