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Weiner Campaign Paid Private Investigator $45,000 to Find His ‘Twitter Hacker’

Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images

Back in February 2012, the Daily News reported that Anthony Weiner paid the private investigations firm T&M Protection $13,290 from his campaign fund to track down the fiend who posted a crotch shot to his Twitter feed, though he would soon admit that he sent it himself. That figure only covered the fourth quarter of 2011, and now more digging in light of Weinergate 2.0 has revealed that the sum was even more absurd. Weiner ultimately paid private investigators $43,100, and likely spent even more on the wild goose chase. He had the law firm BakerHostetler look into the matter as well, and paid $93,350 for various legal services over a two-year period. Officials from T&M wouldn’t comment on the work they did, but we like to think that Weiner was presented with a report on how one little typo can turn a direct message into a public tweet, complete with surveillance shots of his own offending finger.

Weiner Paid P.I. $45,000 to Find Twitter Hacker