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10 NYC Subway Tricks and Neighborhood Tips, in GIFs

Nathan W. Pyle, a native of Ohio, has lived in New York City for four years now and feels like he has some wisdom to share. Luckily, he’s also an illustrator and has a knack for getting across information in GIF form, so it’s both entertaining and elucidating. A book of his info-comics, NYC Basic Tips and Etiquette, is due out in 2014, but Pyle has shared some outtakes and never-before-seen images with Daily Intelligencer. Included below, in moving-graphic glory, are detailed maps of the highly trafficked Canal St. and Fulton St. subway stations, and some additional tricks for those among us who still don’t have this massive, confusing place all figured out, or at least our annoying tourist relatives.

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10 NYC Subway Tricks and Neighborhood Tips GIFs