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Shockingly, Pot-Bedazzled ‘Weed-World’ Suckers Contain No Pot

Vaguely marijuana-tasting lollipops, sold in SoHo from a van decked out in pot leaves and branded with the name Weed World, go for $5 each or $20 for five. Since Weed-World started getting attention from the local press in May, front man Judah Izsraael and company have insisted the pops contain a “small but legal” amount of THC. According to the New York Post, police determined they indeed are legal because they contain no marijuana at all. But law enforcement is not pleased these guys are out there yelling “stop by to get high,” and passing the suckers off to suckers as weed edibles. They’re looking at a charge along the lines of fraud, or possibly selling food without a license, but so far, aside from impounding an illegally parked van, they haven’t been able to bust Weed World. Because despite its name, all Weed World sells is candy.

Amazingly, Pot-Bedazzled Suckers Contain No Pot