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Anthony Weiner Answers Your Questions: On Regrets, the Clintons, and His Marriage

It’s Anthony Weiner’s turn to respond to questions, as submitted via comments and Twitter, from New York’s Chris Smith. The mayoral candidate’s poll numbers may have dwindled, leaving him behind Bill de Blasio, Christine Quinn, and Bill Thompson, but he’s still fired up about Quinn’s “betrayal” on term limits and that guy at the stoplight honking his horn. From a beautiful park bench, Weiner holds forth on his second sexting scandal and his family. “I realize now the fence post of my resignation was a much more important one for the public than for me,” he says, adding, “Huma and I both want the same things for our city. Huma is voting for me.”

Weiner also expresses support for a Hillary Clinton run in 2016 but insists, “I have no inside knowledge of any of her plans.” Watch the clip to find out which infamous New Yorker Weiner thinks is “typical of what’s good and bad about America” and what his superpower would be.

Tomorrow, our video series wraps up with an appearance from John Liu. See the rest below.

Anthony Weiner Answers Reader Questions: Video