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Anthony Weiner and Alleged Mayoral Candidate George McDonald Went at It Today

At a mayoral forum this afternoon, Republican candidate George McDonald — the Doe Fund founder who is running in last place in the polls and absolutely despises Anthony Weiner — got all up in Weiner’s grill after Weiner reportedly “put a hand on McDonald’s back and said hello,” according to the Post. The nerve!

Don’t put your hand on me ever again,” McDonald snarled, a couple of inches from Weiner’s face. The two exchanged some words and sarcastic smiles, and Weiner called McDonald “grandpa” at one point, which was an ironic choice for an event hosted by the AARP.

Most impressive about the confrontation is that Weiner doesn’t so much as flinch as McDonald surges toward him. He truly is a man with nothing to lose. 

Anthony Weiner Beefs With Fellow Candidate