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Anti-Friends Graffiti Aimed at David Schwimmer in East Village

Photo: EV Grieve

The inarguable message “ROSS IS NOT COOL” was scrawled on a Sixth Street construction site this week, as first noted by EV Grieve, along with an arrow pointing to Friends actor David Schwimmer’s new six-story mansion. While the note could be from a long-simmering representative of Team Joey — or better yet, Team Seinfeld — it’s probably about real estate and gentrification.

Schwimmer tore down a historic town house just before it was to be assigned landmark status in order to make room for his sleek new building after buying the property for $4.1 million in 2010. (Curbed has photos of the almost-finished place, which features an an elevator and a rooftop terrace.)

The Post reports that less clever neighbors went with public protest notes like, “The destruction of an irreplaceable historic building for what???” and “Fuck you + your uglyness.” There may be a Friends plotline relevant to this situation, but Friends, like Ross, is just not cool.

Anti-Friends Graffiti in East Village: Photo