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Bill de Blasio Answers Your Questions: On Pensions, His Kids, and Banishing One New Yorker

In part one of New York’s video interview series with the top candidates for mayor, politics reporter Chris Smith grills Bill de Blasio with inquiries submitted by readers via comments and Twitter, plus a few of Daily Intelligencer’s signature “21 Questions.” The very tall public advocate reveals where he’s gotten his hair cut for “almost 30 years” (and how much he pays), why he’s putting his kids front-and-center during the campaign, and how he plans to handle union pensions. De Blasio also discusses the financial implications of living in Park Slope and names the New Yorker he’d most like to kick out of the city (hint: remember he’s a Red Sox fan).

Stay tuned throughout the week for more one-on-ones with John Liu, Christine Quinn, Bill Thompson, and Anthony Weiner.

Bill de Blasio Answers Reader Questions: Video