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Brooklyn DA Debaters Can Turn Anything Into an Insult

Sitting Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes and challenger Kenneth Thompson have already had some tense debate exchanges, but most had to hear about it secondhand as it was not televised. On Tuesday, they squared off on NY1 and showed the cable-watching public how to turn just about anything into an insult. While most of the barbs centered on Hynes attacking Thompson for a lack of experience and Thompson criticizing Hynes as a failed leader, they even managed to sneak in some hostility when asked about their television habits. Per the New York Times: “Asked if they watched Homeland, the television show, Mr. Thompson said yes. Mr. Hynes asked: ‘Who’s got time to watch TV? Oh — he does.’ ” Imagine the chaos if they’d been asked about the Brooklyn-based Girls.

Brooklyn DA Debaters Can Make Anything an Insult