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Christmas Came Way Too Early to Manhattan’s Pret à Mangers

Photo: John Li/Getty Images

Confused Twitter users and the New York Post report that some Manhattan Pret à Manger locations have been playing Christmas carols for well over a week. Employees who spoke to the paper were eager to communicate that they were not responsible for the soundtrack, which even people who are sick of summer would find deeply disorienting. Apparently, song selection is done at the fast-food chain’s headquarters, and the only control workers have over their restaurants’ “music machines” is the ability to turn them on and off. (One proactive manager has opted to leave his store silent throughout the day, while another managed to “override the system” and play “something we had here that we can all listen to.”) Pret’s representatives have not responded to inquiries about the situation, but one manager told the Post, “It had to be an honest mistake,” because nobody likes to believe that their corporate overlords are subjecting them to a cruel psychological experiment. 

Christmas Came Way Too Early to Pret à Mangers