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Crack Questions Aside, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Has Smoked a Ton of Weed

Toronto, Canada. 2nd May 2012 -- File image: Toronto Mayor Rob Ford addresses the media after confronting an intruder at his home. Ford has suffered a major court ruling, which has ejected him from office for conflict of interest. -- File images: A Provincial Court ruling determining that Toronto Mayor Rob Ford was in conflict of interest and has resulted in his ejection from office. Ford has requested a 14-day stay to launch his appeal. File images from May and July 2012.
Photo: Victor Biro / Demotix/CorbisCopyright 2012 Demotix, all rights reserved.

Toronto’s boorish, probably crack-smoking, definitely party-loving Mayor Rob Ford has carefully denied he’s a crack-smoker, saying he doesn’t do it and dodging questions about past use or the alleged video of him doing so. But he’s not nearly so guarded about his weed use: “Oh yeah, I won’t deny that. I’ve smoked a lot of it,” he said with a laugh on his way out of a luncheon, according to Reuters. So maybe the way to coax a crack-smoking admission is to just hit him up after a big meal?

Crack Aside, Rob Ford Has Smoked a Ton of Weed