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Gov. Cuomo Relieves New York Voting Officials of Having to Do Math

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg emerges from a voting booth after casting his ballot November 3, 2009 at an elementary school in New York in bid to win a third term as mayor of New York City against Democratic opponent William C.Thompson, Jr.
Photo: Stan Honda/AFP/Getty Images

Despite our love affair with the lever-operated booths of olde, New York brought state elections into the 21st century and switched in electronic voting machines back in 2010. Sorta. According to the New York Daily News, the problem then remained that while voting was happening in the present, calculating results remained stuck in the past. Specifically, “local poll workers took tabulated results that electronic voting machines produced by district for each race and added up the totals.” To remedy that counterproductive situation, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed  a new bill Thursday that allows county election boards “to replace handwritten tallies of voting results with computerized, portable memory devices.” It’s still likely this year’s election will see some snafus but at least no one’s breaking out the TI-89 to decide who’s in office anymore. Hopefully.

Cuomo Lets Voting Officials Do Less Math