Daily Intelligencer, Now on Facebook

Despite its recent business successes, Facebook still gets a bad rap sometimes. Compared to the relatively substantive nature of Twitter, the deluge of bad vacation photos, political rants from distant relatives, and engagement announcements from exes can look pretty gross. But never fear! Your humble correspondents are here to help.

We’re pleased to announce the launch of Daily Intelligencer’s new Facebook page. You’ll find insightful analysis, breaking news, hilarious photos, engaging discussion — i.e., things to actually look forward to in your News Feed. We swear to never send you Candy Crush requests — just the latest goings-on in New York, politics, and media. We encourage you to like the page here and share with your friends and rhubarb-ranting aunts alike.

(We should note that the decision to join Facebook was in no way inspired by a certain mayoral candidate’s use of the site.)


Daily Intelligencer’s New Facebook Page