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Racist Maine Official Insists He Would Have Called Mitt Romney the N-Word Too

David Marsters at home without a shirt. Photo: David Marsters/Google+

If we had to find a silver lining in the hateful, racist garbage that public figures seem to endlessly spew on social media, it would be the joy we get from hearing them attempt to defend themselves in the local press, which is never, ever not pathetic.

Today’s case study is David Marsters, a 68-year-old white retired cop who serves on seemingly every committee in the small town of Sabattus, Maine. Marsters was visited by the Secret Service after writing “Shoot the nigger” on Facebook above a story about the movement to impeach President Obama. (Happy 50th birthday, “I Have a Dream” speech!) Marsters has a perfectly absurd explanation for why he is not a racist, however. 

I’m not prejudiced,” he said. “There’s a lot of people in the white community I don’t like either.”

Marsters dislikes some black people (for being black) and some white people (for a variety of reasons unrelated to skin color). Nothing racist about that.

Marsters also insists that he would have written the exact same message about Mitt Romney if Romney were the one destroying America. Yes, including the N-word.

He said his comments would have been no different had the president been Mitt Romney. “I would say, ‘Shoot the n*****, because white people are n******, too.” He said where he comes from (Massachusetts) black people call white people by the same slur.

Marsters has a dream. That one day, little white boys and little black boys will all be able to call each other the same racial slurs. Marsters has a dream today. 

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