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It’s Dead Sea-Creature Day in New York City, Apparently

Photo: DNA Info

Following this morning’s sad, dead subway shark is a beat-up, deceased dolphin, which washed up today at Rockaway Beach with a rope tied around it. As DNAinfo reports, “As many as 21 [bottlenose dolphins] have washed up along Long Island beaches this year” — many more than usual — “most of them dead.” We’d suspect a local conspiracy, but it’s not just New York 

Click here, in case you haven’t seen enough dead animals today, for a heartbreaking photo of an Arctic polar bear experts believed starved to death, “having been reduced to little more than skin and bone.” NBC reports: “Experts fear polar bears will increasingly suffer a similar fate as global warming melts the sea ice that allows them to hunt for their main source of food.”

So, yeah, we can all probably share the blame.

Dead, Beat-up Dolphin Found at Rockaway Beach