Guantanamo’s Reported Love for Fifty Shades Is Just a Dumb Joke

A woman looks at a copy of the novel
Photo: WILL OLIVER/AFP/GettyImages

Lying to the world about the Guantanamo inmates being huge Fifty Shades of Grey fans is one of the least disturbing things to happen at the prison, but it still isn’t cool. On Sunday, defense attorney James Connell said he suspected military commanders told members of Congress about the prisoners’ passion for the smutty novel as “a joke or some kind of disinformation.” His client, Ammar al-Baluchi, says the next night guards put the book in his cell. “He says, ‘No thank you.’ He does not want the book,” said Connell, whose client gave him the book. “It’s in my safe and as soon as I am able I will return it to Joint Task Force Guantanamo.” Connell said of the apparent taunting, “If this is a practical joke it has gone too far.” 

Guantanamo’s Alleged Fifty Shades Love Is a Joke