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Insane Upper West Side Woman Goes Off on Stop-and-Frisk, Outer Boroughs

For a sense of just how crazy this mayoral race is going to get before primary day, take a listen to this lady’s call in to John Schiumo’s show last night, as archived for the historical records by Complex. On her run-in with Bill de Blasio, Joan from the Upper West Side recalled, “I said to him, ‘You’re not going to end stop-and-frisk in Manhattan, right? Just in Staten Island, Brooklyn, and Queens’ — and I’m still up in the air about the Bronx. And he said, ‘Why should I not have it in Manhattan?’ And I said, ‘Ugh, you can’t expect us to live by the same rules we dictate to other people, for heaven’s sake!’”

“Just because people like me are against stop-and-frisk in places like Brooklyn and Queens and Staten Island doesn’t mean we don’t want it to continue in Manhattan! I mean, Manhattan is special. We are New York! Brooklyn and Queens and Staten Island, I don’t even like talking about those kinds of places!” Then she insisted she wasn’t joking.

You were being sincere?” Schiumo asked. “I don’t know why that’s funny!” she shot back, sounding either earnest or like an amazing comic actress. “Well, in all due respect, think about it this way,” she continued. “Affordable housing — I mean, New Yorkers accept that kind of thing in the boroughs, but you don’t want those people living around you!”

Joan then added that she’s leaning toward voting for Christine Quinn, which might just be the most clever, covert anti-Quinn trick we can imagine.

Crazy UWS Lady Wants Stop-and-Frisk in Manhattan