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Anthony Weiner’s Brother Did Not Directly Contact ‘Candy Weathers,’ or Whatever Her Name Is

In the midst of last week’s Anthony Weiner circus, the scandal engulfed members of his family even beyond Huma. According to Sydney Leathers’s old boss, as quoted in the New York Post, it was Anthony’s brother Jason Weiner who was charged with trying to assess the risk Leathers posed should Anthony turn his redemption tour into a mayoral run — claims Jason rejected outright. On the Howard Stern Show this week, Leathers clarified, “His brother didn’t contact me directly.” According to Jason, “She pretty clearly set the record straight,” but how his name got involved in the first place is still on Anthony.

As Leathers explained to Stern, “Anthony’s Facebook had been deactivated. In April he reactivated it and the first thing he did was ask me what I thought about a New York Times article that was about him and his wife and the campaign. And then the next day he said his brother had emailed asking about me — if he had pissed me off or something, which totally confused me because I didn’t know the brother knew who I was, I had no clue, so that did freak me out.” (You can see Anthony refer to his brother here.) Leathers added, “Am I gonna be Chandra Levy? What’s going on?”

In an e-mail to Daily Intelligencer this morning titled “the thing about me contacting Candy Weathers,” Jason Weiner pointed to the Stern interview and requested “some kind of retraction/correction/apology.”

Asked again why Anthony mentioned his brother at all (and why “Candy Weathers”), Jason replied, “I can’t comment on the texts. I don’t know the first thing about them. What I can say, as I said the other day, I didn’t know this person existed till last week. Sorry I got the name wrong, I was and am referring to Sydney(sp?) Leathers.”

The Weiner campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Weiner Brother Did Not Contact ‘Candy Weathers’