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Girls Gone Wild Founder Joe Francis Is Going to Jail, Probably

Photo: Jerod Harris/Getty Images2012 Getty Images

Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis walked out of a Los Angeles courtroom in handcuffs after receiving a 270-day jail sentence for his conviction of false imprisonment and assault, the New York Daily News reports. But Judge Nancy Newman allowed him to go free on $250,000 bail, so he won’t actually start that jail time until his request for a new trial is heard. Francis’s legal argument is that there was not enough evidence to convict him. But of course his comments outside court are what we all remember: He told The Hollywood Reporter in May that the jurors who convicted him were “mentally fucking retarded” and “should all be lined up and shot.” While Francis doesn’t have to go to jail immediately, he does have to start anger management counseling right away, for reasons which should be pretty obvious at this point.

Joe Francis Is Going to Jail, Probably