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John Liu Answers Your Questions: On Witch Hunts, Bloomberg’s Legacy With Immigrants, and Selfies

John Liu closes out our mayoral candidate video interview today, taking reader questions — submitted via Twitter and comments — from New York’s city politics reporter Chris Smith. The current New York City comptroller confronts questions about his long-lingering fund-raising scandal, dismissing it in no uncertain terms: “This witch hunt that’s been going on for years now has netted no witch,” he says. “I can proudly say that I am the most thoroughly investigated candidate in the history of New York City.”

Liu also hits Mayor Bloomberg for not taking enough care of the city’s vital immigrant communities and dings Anthony Weiner for his online habits. “I do not personally tweet,” says Liu, “and more importantly, I do not take pictures of myself.”

Check out the rest of the candidates’ answers below; the Democratic primary is September 10.

John Liu Answers Reader Questions: Video