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Spitzer’s Self-Proclaimed Madam and Fellow Comptroller Candidate Busted for Selling Pills

As if the forthcoming New York City elections weren’t reality-TV enough, one of the publicity-loving “politicians” has been arrested for selling drugs. Manhattan Madam Kristin Davis, who successfully convinced much of the public (and the New York Post) that she supplied Eliot Spitzer with prostitutes despite the lack of any evidence, has also been pretending she’s running against him for comptroller. Her already dubious candidacy, though, hit a snag today: According to the FBI, she was peddling pills as recently as April. Davis is charged with moving a variety of pharmaceuticals including Adderall (“addy”), Xanax (“Xena”), ecstasy, Soma, and OxyContin. Next to her and Anthony Weiner, Spitzer is looking almost angelic lately, while squeaky-clean Scott Stringer still exists.

Kristin Davis Charged With Selling Oxy, Adderall