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Liz Cheney Busted for Lying on a Fishing License Application

Liz Cheney suffered a little embarrassment on Wednesday, when the Jackson Hole News and Guide reported that she posted a $220 bond in Wyoming for “making a false statement to procure a fishing license.” The former vice-president’s daughter has been accused of illegally obtaining the $24 state resident’s license in August of last year — just a few months after she bought a home in Wyoming so that she could run for one of its Senate seats — by signing a statement saying that she had lived there for at least 365 days. (She could have gotten a non-resident’s license for just $92.) Cheney, who is still trailing fellow Republican opponent Mike Enzi in the polls, has issued a statement claiming that the Game & Fish Department clerk was not clear about the residency requirements when she filled out the application, but nothing says “Wyoming carpetbagger” like not having lived in the state long enough to legally hunt its aquatic life.

Liz Cheney Lied on Fishing License Application