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Vito Lopez ‘Upgrades’ Hillary Clinton Photo With More Vito Lopez

The “after” version.

Hillary Clinton has not endorsed Vito Lopez in his campaign for City Council, but she did take a photograph with him at least once. That was enough for the disgraced former state assemblyman (who resigned before he could be forced out of the legislature for sexually harassing his female colleagues) to include her in a campaign mailer this weekend. Well, almost enough. As New York Shitty and the New York Daily News noticed, the Lopez campaign thought a few details needed to change, including the face of one man in the background and the name on the banner in front of which Clinton and Lopez were standing.

Surely it wouldn’t do to have a photo of them standing in front of an “Elect Diana Reyna,” which is what actually happened. Lopez is running for Reyna’s seat after backing a high-profile challenge against her in 2009. As for the poor guy in the background, he’s still a mystery, but a Daily News reader said it could be state Sen. Martin Dilan, whose legislative director Charvey Gonzalez is running to replace Lopez. New York Shitty suggested the Lopez campaign employ a better Photoshopper. It would also benefit by not retouching photos that appeared in easily Googlable Daily News stories in the first place.

Lopez ‘Upgrades’ Clinton Photo With More Lopez