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Luis Guzmán Kind of Flattered That Anthony Weiner Used the Name ‘Carlos Danger’

Actor Luiz Guzman attends the
Luis Guzmán. Photo: Larry Busacca/Getty Images

Anthony Weiner has been receiving some heat from the Hispanic community about choosing “Carlos Danger” as his cybersex pseudonym: Peripheral mayoral candidate Eric Salgado called the name “very insulting,” and on Univision yesterday, anchor Satcha Pretto pressed Weiner to explain why he had selected a Hispanic name. But Puerto Rican–born actor Luis Guzmán takes a different view.

Well, I think it’s also a tribute to how good we are as lovers!” he told Daily Intelligencer last night at the Ziegfeld Theater premiere of We’re the Millers. “If I’m going to name my thing, it’s going to be Julio or Juan or Pepe, hell yeah! You know?”

Asked whether he had, in fact, named “his thing,” Guzmán replied, “Nah, it’s just there.”

Luis Guzmán Kind of Likes ‘Carlos Danger’