‘Professional Breast Masseur’ Is a Real Job That This Dude Has

“At the beginning, my family didn’t understand why I chose this for a living,” says China’s Yang Jun, 29-year-old professional breast masseur who has the world’s most oblivious family. 

“My girlfriend opposed my work when she found out I touched other women’s bodies,” Yang continues in this report from ITV. “But I persuaded them that it’s a noble profession, and important to new mothers, who desperately want to produce new milk.” It’s because of altruism that Yang has decided to enter the field of breast massaging. 

Breast massaging is a booming industry in China, but, not surprisingly, most of its practitioners are women. Yang is one of just three registered male breast masseurs, and so far, he “has only served two women at 200 yuan ($32.58) each time.” 

And yet, despite his struggles, Yang hasn’t ditched his practice for a more lucrative profession. Such is his dedication to massaging ladies’ breasts. #heroes

Man Is a Professional Breast Masseur