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OITNB Star Matt McGorry Would Have ‘Scooped Up’ the Subway Shark

Matt McGorry attends the
Good Sharkmaritan, Matt McGorry. Photo: Larry Busacca/Getty Images

Upon spotting a dead shark on the floor of a subway car, the first instinct of some straphangers was to give it a cigarette and a Red Bull and take funny photos. Matt McGorry, better known as Officer Bennett on Orange Is the New Black, would have been a little more responsible. “I’d probably touch the back, and if it wasn’t alive I’d try to scoop it up and bring it out to someone,” the actor told Daily Intelligencer at the MoMA-hosted premiere of Jobs last night. “I don’t know. I would probably Google the Environment Protection Agency — where to report animal abuse?”

McGorry, a New York native, is no stranger to odd happenings in the subway. “I saw someone vomit in a purse once and then get hit on by a guy,” he told us.

OITNB’s Matt McGorry on Dead Subway Sharks