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This Is Mayor Bloomberg’s New $7 Million Helicopter

Photo: AugustaWestland

A new AgustaWestland AW109SP, which retails for around $7 million, has been added to the fleet run by Bloomberg Services LLC, and paid for by the mayor himself, The Wall Street Journal reports. The chopper “features a large passenger cabin with a number of refinements to interior accommodation that generate an outstanding level of elegance,” according to the “VIP/Corporate” section of the brochure. It also comes in a military version.

Bloomberg, who’s piloted helicopters for decades, was said to have his eye on a $30 million beast last year, but maybe he’s saving that one for retirement.

He was evidently excited about this one: Days after the helicopter was first registered, the pilot was heard over the air-traffic waves, identifying himself only as “MB.” That’s probably Mayor, not Michael.

Mayor Bloomberg’s New $7 Million Helicopter