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Massive Bro at Mets Game Vs. Water Bottle: The Most Embarrassing Struggle Ever

It’s a heartbreaking scene: The totally jacked dude in the chain and V-neck graphic tee spends more than two pitches twisting the top of an Aquafina bottle awkwardly, his muscles bulging with every futile attempt. The announcers can’t believe it, or even muster a full response: “Oh, come … What’s … Sir, I think you’ve got the wrong workout program.” Muscle man grimaces and tries to get leverage with his jeans, because maybe his hands are full of fry grease, and still, nothing. This goes on for more than 30 humiliating seconds. And then he gives up. There’s no solid proof that the guy is a Mets fan — he’s wearing no team gear — but he’s definitely a Mets fan.

Massive Mets Fan Struggles to Open Water Bottle