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More Disturbing Scenes From Egypt’s ‘Day of Rage’

There’s not much detail surrounding this clip from Egypt today, but what’s seen is in line with the news on the ground: A group of demonstrators, hands raised, approaches a group of military vehicles before covering their faces and retreating slowly. One man, arms still up, holds his ground until he’s shot and falls to the floor.

Tens of thousands of protesters flooded the streets of Cairo in what the Muslim Brotherhood called a “day of rage,” resulting in dozens of additional deaths after more than 600 people were killed in Wednesday’s actions against the military.

The city is under lockdown after authorities declared a state of emergency, while the pro–Mohammed Morsi Muslim Brotherhood has called for a week of continued protests.

The Brotherhood, meanwhile, has been accused of attacking Coptic Christians and burning down churches.

We know they’re going to kill us tonight, and all we ask is that you be our witnesses,” one demonstrator said, as reported by the Huffington Post.

More Disturbing Scenes From Egypt’s Day of Rage