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Lovable College Kids Accidentally ‘Break In’ to Store, Pay for Everything (Including Tax)

What looked like a burglary at a Buddy’s Small Lots in New Jersey this week was actually a rare occasion to think not everyone and everything everywhere are the worst. Four football players from William Paterson University walked right to the store an hour after closing — thanks to a faulty lock — and went shopping but were caught on security camera paying for what they took. One of the kids is seen “digging in for change,” the store manager said, “because he tells us later that he was paying the tax.”

We thought somebody was just, like, on break or something,” said one of the kids, who were identified as Thomas James, Anthony Biondi, Kell’e Gallimore, and Jelani Bruce on the Today show this morning. The group was in a rush to get back to practice. “My heart dropped,” said another. “I’m thinking, like, okay, are we in trouble? As of now, in the world today, they judge us for the wrong things.”

Like perfect college boys, they bought sunglasses, batteries, and a cable for their dorm-room speakers. For their honesty, the store gave them a $50 gift card.

N.J. College Kids Pay During ‘Burglary’: Video