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The NYPD’s Spy Cab Looks Just Like a Regular Cab

This week’s issue of New York features an excerpt of Associated Press reporters Matt Apuzzo and Adam Goldman’s forthcoming book, Enemies Within, chronicling the NYPD’s once-secret post-9/11 effort to prevent terrorism by indiscriminately spying on just about every Muslim in and around New York City. Though the racial and religious profiling, cataloguing, eavesdropping, and infiltration of Muslim communities hasn’t generated any useful leads and is probably illegal, the program persists. Apuzzo and Goldman have provided Gawker with a photo of the surveillance-gear-equipped “real yellow cab, complete with an authentic taxi medallion registered under a fake name,” that the NYPD regularly posts outside of local mosques, because mosques tend to be full of Muslims. The taxi’s medallion number is 6Y11. We wouldn’t recommend trying to hail it.