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Pilots in Hard LaGuardia Landing Juggled Controls at the Last Minute

The NTSB revealed some new details about that nose-first landing at LaGuardia two weeks ago, and while it hasn’t said exactly what bearing the new information has on its investigation, the details do reveal what sounds like a hectic atmosphere in the cockpit of Southwest Airlines Flight 345. At the very last minute, when the plane was less than 400 feet off the ground, the pilots switched roles: The captain took controls from the first officer, who had been guiding the plane in, the New York Times reports. It’s not an unusual move, but it is at that low an altitude. The landing was the captain’s first at LaGuardia, Reuters added, though the Times reported the captain had done it once before. Either way, the board said, “at this point, no mechanical anomalies or malfunctions have been found.”

Pilots in Hard LGA Landing Juggled Controls