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Vladimir Putin Gave Hillary Clinton a $560 Bottle of Cognac She Can’t Keep

The federal government has released the annual, insane list of valuable junk given to U.S. leaders by their international counterparts — Obama’s stuff from France alone in 2011 totaled more than $40,000 — and former secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s haul is a doozy. Among her 2012 gifts are a $560 bottle of cognac from Russia and jewelry worth an estimated $500,000 from the king of Saudi Arabia.

But as The Wall Street Journal notes, government employees can only keep gifts worth less than $350: “Most are turned over to the GSA, which manages government property. Some gifts are then donated, and others are sold to the public.” Someone should probably tell these generous, obscenely wealthy foreign people to stop.

Putin Gave Hillary a $560 Bottle of Cognac