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Things You Might See on the Subway: A Dead Shark [Updated]

Sad. (via bsanchez) Photo: bsanchz/Instagram

This (presumably dead, or maybe just incredibly drunk?) shark was spotted on the floor of a Queens-bound N train last night at around midnight, and a fun time was had by all (except the shark). “The train filled as we made our way to Astoria,” says a Gothamist tipster, “every new passenger was getting excited about it.” The subway is a weird place. 

So, why was this shark in the subway? Here are all of the possibilities we can think of, in decreasing order of likelihood:

  • It was left there by someone as some sort of art … thing. 
  • It was left there by someone as some sort of marketing … thing.
  • It was dumped there on purpose (On porpoise? Doesn’t quite work, but we’re trying, God damn it) by a guy who decided, mid-subway-ride, that he no longer desired to own a shark.
  • It was left there by someone accidentally, like many a $2 umbrella. 
  • A fifties-era Puerto Rican street gang was marking its territory.
  • It wasn’t a shark — it was a small person wearing a shark suit.
  • It was just trying to get home to Astoria like everybody else. 

Update, 3:04 p.m.: Discovery Channel is denying that the dead subway shark is some kind of marketing thing for Shark Week

Dead Shark Found on Subway