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Snowden Is Sharing His Leaks With Yet Another Publication

Identifying sources of bona fide Edward Snowden bombshells got a bit harder last week following his accusation that The Independent published a fake “exclusive.” However, it appears there’s another outlet to add to the list of legitimate sources. BuzzFeed reports that non-profit investigative reporting group ProPublica is also privy to some NSA leaks. “While we do not usually comment on stories before they are published, in light of what’s already appeared on this subject, we can confirm that we have for some time been working with the Guardian, and more recently also the New York Times, on a story based on documents provided by Mr. Snowden,” said the organization’s president, Richard Tofel.

It’s unclear who controls Snowden’s trove of documents, but reports based on his leaks have now appeared in three major U.S. publications, as well as the Brazilian and German press. In other words, British agents have a lot of smashing to do.

Snowden Shares Leaks With Another Publication