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Subway Kittens, Arthur and August, Will Be Put Up for Adoption

Two kittens were spotted on the tracks on the B/Q lines at the Chuch Av. station on Thurs., August 29, 2013. Service was suspended while Transit personnel attempted to corral the furry pair. They were no longer deemed to be in immediate danger as they remained out of the path of trains and avoided the third rail.Photo: Marc A. Hermann / MTA New York City Transit
Photo: Marc A. Hermann

The adorable, annoying subway cats that forced an hour and a half train stoppage yesterday — thus sparking the greatest moral quandary of our time — were finally rescued from the tracks last night around 6 p.m., hours after the subway started running again. The four-week-old kittens were then transferred to a shelter in Brooklyn where they were named Arthur and August; if three days pass without someone claiming them, the pair will be eligible for adoption, hopefully by someone who will keep them inside.

Subway Kittens Will Be Put Up for Adoption