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Worst Teacher Ever Made Students Cut Themselves With Razor Blades in Class

Little student looks sad or bored
Did not have a great day at school. Photo: Michele Princigalli

A part-time teacher at the private and very fancy-sounding Ringwood Waldorf School in Hampton, England, has resigned after overseeing “an art history lesson during which pupils cut themselves with blades,” the Daily Mail reports. Yup. Razor blades. 

It’s not clear what the experiment was supposed to teach the students — experience what it’s like to be as deeply disturbed as Vincent van Gogh? — but the Mail relays that the school “follows the Rudolf Steiner model of education and aims to ‘bring joy into the learning process,’” so maybe it was just supposed to be one of those fun activities that kids love so much. 

Teacher Made Students Cut Themselves With Blades