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Donald Trump Pretty Sure President Obama Is the Reason He’s Getting Sued

SARASOTA, FL - AUGUST 26: Donald Trump speaks at the Ritz-Carlton on August 26, 2012 in Sarasota, Florida. Trump accepted the Statesman of the Year Award at the Sarasota GOP dinner ahead of the Republican National Convention in Tampa. (Photo by Edward Linsmier/Getty Images)
Photo: Edward Linsmier/2012 Getty Images

Over the weekend, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman hit Donald Trump with a $40 million lawsuit accusing him of scamming the approximately 5,000 people who paid thousands of dollars — and often went into debt — to attend useless investing classes at his unlicensed and for-profit Trump University. On Saturday, Trump denied the charges and claimed that Schneiderman is going after him because he’s angry that he didn’t donate more money to his 2010 attorney general campaign. Now he has seized on a recent meeting Schneiderman had with President Obama — the two discussed a speech the president gave about education in Syracuse — as evidence of an even more twisted conspiracy.

They meet on Thursday evening — I get sued by this AG Schneiderman … Saturday at one o’clock,” Trump said during an appearance on — what else? — Fox and Friends. “Think of it. What government in the history of this country has ever brought a suit on Saturday? I never heard of such a thing … They obviously did it very quickly, but probably Obama — maybe this is a mini IRS. Maybe we have to get the tea party after these people, because this could very well be a mini IRS.” It actually could be, in that Obama didn’t have anything to do with the spring IRS scandal Trump is referencing.

Trump Pretty Sure Obama Is Behind Lawsuit