Two People Had to Be Rescued From New York Waters Yesterday

The NYPD and FDNY pulled two people from rivers near Manhattan on Wednesday. The first and more standard-sounding (but still scary) incident involved a pair of jet skiers who got stuck in the Harlem River’s low tide and swam to a dock off of West 218th Street and Indian Road to call the police for help. The two responding officers told the men to wait for assistance in retrieving the jet skis, but one of them decided to try to take care of it himself, jumped back in the water, and was pulled under the dock, WABC-TV reports

One of the officers managed to grab the 24-year-old’s hand to prevent him from slipping further away, but he was under water for as long as three minutes before firefighters could cut a hole in the dock and pull him out. While the man was initially unconscious and without a pulse, he began breathing again after an officer administered CPR, and is now in the hospital in stable condition.

Earlier in the day, a 49-year-old woman was spotted stripping off her clothes and jumping into to the East River near Pike Street. The NYPD recorded two Emergency Service Unit detectives using ropes to lower themselves into the water and swim about 30 feet to retrieve the woman, who was floating face up under the Manhattan Bridge. The resulting video is strange, fairly dramatic, and technically NSFW:

Two People Rescued From New York Waters