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Busted Carnival Ride Sends Thirteen to Hospital in Connecticut

When a children’s carnival ride at the Norwalk Oyster Festival lost power unexpectedly on Sunday, the sudden stop sent riders banging into each other and the ride, and left as many as eighteen people injured. Thirteen people, including twelve children, were taken to hospitals, CBS New York reported, while five refused care. By Sunday night, all but one had been released, Fox News added. The ride, called “Zumur,” on which riders sit in swings on chains that lift up and away as it spins, stopped with an audible bang, witnesses told CBS. “But of course, the chains just kept going, and they were bouncing off the steel frame and things like that.” Parents watching behind barriers knocked them down to get to their kids, another witness said. Fortunately, none of the injuries were life-threatening, but the whole episode is still damned scary.

13 Hospitalized After Carnival Ride Stops