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13 Injured in Chicago Park Shooting, Including 3-Year-Old Boy

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Mayor Rahm Emanuel has been touting the fact that in Chicago both crime and murders have decreased significantly in the last year, but this won’t help the city repair its reputation: On Thursday night, thirteen people were shot in a park in the Back of the Yards neighborhood. There were no fatalities, but three of the victims are in critical condition. According to the Chicago Tribune, 3-year-old Deonta’ Howard was the most seriously injured, with a bullet entering near his ear and exiting through his mouth. His uncle was shot to death earlier this month.

The shooting appears to be gang-related, and witnesses say dreadlocked men driving a gray sedan started firing near Cornell Square Park around 10 p.m. “They hit the light pole next to me, but I ducked down and ran into the house,” said Julian Harris, 22. “They’ve been coming ‘round here looking for people to shoot every night — just gangbanging stuff. It’s what they do.” Police have yet to make any arrests.

13 Injured in Chicago Park Shooting