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Afroduck Wasn’t Driving 100 MPH in Video, But Says He Has Done That Before

Christopher Adam Tang — also known as Afroduck, the guy who was arrested after he posted a wild YouTube video of himself driving all the way around Manhattan in 24 minutes — insisted to police that he was “driving safely” when he carried out the possibly record-breaking stunt, though his own description of the 4 a.m. ride does make him sound a little irresponsible.

According to the New York Daily News, Tang told the cops he “did go through a red light but it was not at an intersection. It was only at a pedestrian crossing.” And, he admitted, “I was exceeding the speed limit, although I did not hit 100 miles per hour.” But that doesn’t mean he hasn’t done that before! A prosecutor at Tang’s Friday arraignment (where he was charged with reckless endangerment and reckless driving) reported that he couldn’t help himself from bragging about the time he drove 4,000 miles in 38 hours, which meant he was “driving over 100 miles an hour consistently for the entire trip.” The prosecutor also pointed out that Tang has “numerous” past driving violations, and a discussion about whether he qualified for a public defender revealed that he “makes enough money day trading that he doesn’t even need to do anything else for support.” Now that we know how Afroduck spends business hours, his late-night hobby makes a lot more sense.

Afroduck Wasn’t Driving 100 MPH, But Has Before