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Fox & Friends Thinks Anyone Who Says ‘Allahu Akbar’ Is a Terrorist

The amount of pure stupid regularly displayed on Fox & Friends, a show that presumably remains on the air because its hosts all possess incriminating nude photos of Roger Ailes, was too much for even John McCain to handle this morning. During a discussion about the Syrian insurgents, Fox’s Brian Kilmeade showed a video of one of them shouting “Allahu Akbar” after shooting down a fighter jet. “Listen to what they say,” Kilmeade tells McCain, as if he has discovered some sort of damning evidence. “I have a problem helping those people out if they’re screaming that after a hit.”

Kilmeade says this because, while “Allahu Akbar” is vaguely scary-sounding to him, he has no idea what it actually means, and apparently neither does anyone on the Fox & Friends staff. Watch how Kilmeade’s face freezes in a look of dim incomprehension as a flabbergasted McCain — who, for his part, seems to vastly downplay the extremism of some of the insurgents — explains that “Allahu Akbar” is basically tantamount to “thank God.”

Fox News: Only Terrorists Say ‘Allahu Akbar’