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The 7 Types of Comments on George W. Bush’s Instagram

Photo: @georgewbush

Perhaps hoping to capitalize on his sudden, bipartisan popularity as an animal-portrait-painting artiste, George W. Bush joined Instagram over the weekend. It turns out he hasn’t really gone soft: In the Bushiest of fashions, his debut photo (seen above) was taken at Southern Methodist University and hashtagged #PonyUp #GunsUp. (The second was on a golf course.) And in case there was any doubt that W. remains polarizing, a quick scan of the comments reveals that history has not yet been rewritten entirely in his favor, and passions still run high. We’ve categorized public opinion, as expressed beneath each image, below.

The Overexcited/Incomprehensible:

My motto back then was “I’d rather be ” stuck in the Bushes than covered with Clinton’s Gore”! So blessed to have a truly Godly man that was serving as president! His class in dealing with people of ALL walks of life shows what a “true” Christian is! kauaikids - a day ago

The “We Miss You”:

I miss you heidizandy - 2 days ago

we miss u sammaycruz_ - 2 days ago

The Sublime:

is that lil’ sebastian? itslilbeezy - 3 days ago

Photo: @georgewbush

The TMI/He’s Not Reading These:

I met you in DC Mr. President! You are such an inspiration to all of us. @georgewbush jomoua - 3 days ago

Thank you President Bush for serving as president of our great nation! May God bless your beautiful Laura and you beyond measure! You stared the enemy in the eye and did not blink! I am ever grateful for your fortitude! I so remember the morning my son called and asked us to turn on the TV, just in time to see the 2nd airplane headed into the TwinTowers! My son who was also my Pastor for 15 years took me to hear you speak at the Pomona Fair! At that time, I knew you would serve us well. My son has been called home to The Lord since but I can tell you that he felt you were a real man of God!! kauaikids - a day ago

I met you a long time ago you came to my school in panama the schools called balboa academy please answer you are my dads favorite president! kyledupree - a day ago

The Anti-Obama:

Help this douche that took over your job is clueless! sidmoo8 - about 20 hours ago

Over 50 nation coalition to go to war. Obama can’t get 2 to join us lol romir123 - 2 days ago

Please change your name and run for president, I will vote for you without hesitation. We need a real man as our president again. dnc_h8r - a day ago

The Never Forget:

9/11 was an inside job… worldofnoise13 - 2 days ago

The Still Pissed:


Gore beat you in 2000, pussy. the_parody_of_christ - a day ago

The Best Comments on George W. Bush’s Instagram