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Video: Manhattan Motorcycle Gang Terrorizes SUV Driver

There’s a lot of stuff to worry about as you go about your daily life in the city — subway pushers, falling air conditioners, huge piles of horse poop, clipboard people — but at least you’ll never be terrorized by a gaggle of motorcycling enthusiasts. Oh, wait — yeah, you might be.

That’s what happened to a thirtysomething man driving in his SUV with his wife and kid on the West Side Highway recently. As captured by the helmet-cam of one of the motorcyclists, SUV Man was induced into bumping into one of the motorcyclists, surrounded by a few dozen of the biker dudes in the middle of the highway, chased at high speeds after hitting three more bikers while trying to make a frenzied getaway, and beaten up after having his window smashed open while trapped at a red light.

Roving bands of unruly motorcyclists: Add it to the list.

Video: Motorcycle Gang Terrorizes SUV Driver