Latest Scandal: Cory Booker Interacts With Multiple Humans on Twitter

Newark Mayor Cory Booker speaks at the Newark City Hall on May 8, 2013 in Newark, New Jersey. Booker, who has declared that he will run for New Jersey's open U.S. Senate seat in 2014, was attending a ceremony honoring 90-year-old WWII veteran Willie Wilkins on the 68th anniversary of Victory in Europe Day.
For shame, Cory. For shame. Photo: John Moore/Getty Images

Cory Booker, a man famous for being the nation’s most active politician on Twitter, talks to people on Twitter. That is the gist of the New York Post’s attempt today to expand Booker’s non-scandalous flirtations with one stripper into a Whole Big Thing:


Corey [sic] Booker has an impressive flock of sexy babes he chats with online — and even asks some of them for their private phone numbers.

One of Booker’s pretty Twitter pals is a topless pin-up New Jersey gal whom he talked body tattoos with — hers — at two campaign stops. Others are sexy damsels in distress who ask Booker for help, and he responds by either requesting their phone number or privately giving them his.

Exchanging phone numbers with sexy damsels! What a horny vagina fanatic, this Cory Booker fellow. Do you really want to elect such a horny vagina monster to the Senate?

Next week the Post will run these tweets in a story about how the “sexually ambiguous” Booker is cruising for the numbers of “young, buff guys” on Twitter. 

Booker Interacts With Multiple Humans on Twitter