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Brooklyn Resident Tells Film Crew It’s Not Welcome in These Here Parts

Photo: @thisisjendoll/Twitter

Over the course of the Bloomberg era, as tax credits for film shoots have soared, more and more TV shows and movies are filming in New York City than ever before, and are adding $7.1 billion to the local economy annually.

To some New Yorkers, having a film shoot in your neighborhood is an exciting development. You walk by hoping you’ll catch them in the middle of a scene (they never are) or that you’ll at least spot a famous person (you never do). You see crew members hanging out near a table of snacks. Someday you may try to grab one of those snacks when nobody is looking and run, run like the wind with your illicit croissant. 

To others, as this photo snapped in Fort Greene today attests, the trucks and trailers that overtake the streets are like no-good Freedom Riders stirring up trouble in the Deep South. You take yer cameras, and you get the hell outta here, ya hear? This is a nice, quiet town. Yer kahnd ain’t welcome.

Brooklyn Resident Pissed About TV Filming